Wild thoughts better leave me now
or I’m gonna fall straight to the ground
somewhere my broken pieces can’t be found
and my shattered soul finally free
from this wretched place
my heart yearns for more
but my mind keeps telling me to move on
like I’ve tried everything to shut everything out
but it’s still there
haunting me,
lurking in the shadows,
waiting for the right time to pounce on me,
tackle me to the ground,
leave me with bruises and scars
that would take years of healing…
but a skin is only a skin
and it mends and heals on its own
my body repairing as if I was never broken
I wasn’t broken
just slightly cracked
like how the ground breaks as it dried from the scorching sun
but not for long for the rain will come and soften me up,
closing the gaps
and grow an oasis,
a paradise of my own
as the world continues to disappoint and be cruel
but I will not be fazed,
I will stay solid and unbreakable
like a tree
even when they try to cut me I will disappear
but I will return
for they have not taken my roots
and by now they have spread
and reached the places I never thought I could
and then slowly I’ll grow,
fertilized by my battle scars,
the corpse of my demons,
watered by my sweat and tears
and I will be the most beautiful tree you will ever see
and I will bear fruits none of you have ever tasted
and by then you can not find me anywhere
where evil has stepped foot on
because my tree will be a home
and every broken thing is welcomed here.

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