In a room full of people
I only saw you
Standing there across the room
Looking as if you own the world
And in that moment
You became a part of mine
I guess I could say
It was like at first sight

I thought it was just a mere admiration
A typical short infatuation
That I would just forget you
Anyway, the world is so big
For two unlikely people to meet
But I was wrong
Nothing here is really guaranteed

Liking someone really changes you
Emotionally, mentally, physically
It molds you into this new person
You never really thought you’d become
The clothes you wear
The way you styled your hair
The perfume you use
The make up you put
Without really meaning to

Catching your attention
Was like aiming for the stars
I never really get it
Because it’s way too far
You’re way too far
Far from my reach
A game of hide and seek
But I was the only one playing

Sometimes I try my hardest
Forgetting and ignoring you at my best
I was the captain of my own sailing ship
But you were the eye of a raging storm
No matter what I do, where I hide
Your gigantic waves will always knock me down
Falling facedown to the ground

I don’t even know why
These past few years I never tire
Still hoping that one day
You’d finally meet my eyes
And see all the stars I’ve caught
Everytime this silly heart skipped a beat
Whenever I would see you

But now I’ve reached this far in my life
Hit with the realization that our stars were never aligned
Our paths did cross when it should never have
This one-sided feeling was bound not to survive
I still thank good old Fate for letting me know you
But now it’s time for me to sing my final tune

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