I can almost see it
Just a few feet away from my reach
It was so bright and colorful
Like a sunset in a white sand beach

I cautiously quickened my pace
It was starting to feel like a race
Like I was in a marathon
Or in a middle of a war zone

I looked behind me
Nothing was there
But a vast of darkness
Looming underneath me

It was starting to devour my light
And I fought them with all my might
But it was wearing me down
Pulling me closer to the ground

My wings were beginning to break
My entire body was starting to shake
I was on the verge of self-destruction
Praying that everything was just an illusion

My mind was sentient and alive
Everything in me screamed to survive
But how should I
When a part of me wanted to die?

As I fall to the ground and say my last goodbye
I was greeted with an unexpected reply
There stood a young girl not young as seven
Smiling at me like an Angel from Heaven

She took my hand and I trembled
I fell on my knees and cried
For what I saw before my very eyes
My young self telling me that “You’ll be alright”

Once in a while we may lose our sight
But it will never seize our light
The world may have its darkest nights
But the Sun will always be there to keep it bright

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