Someone once asked me where do I see myself ten years from now?

The problem is I can’t remember when that question was last asked to me. Is ten years later this year? Next year? Was it last year? Five years from now? Simply put, I don’t know. It’s unfathomable when the thread of my life in a spindle would finally stopped spinning and finally cut into oblivion. Like how the waves never stopped returning to the shore or how the wind never stopped coming from different directions, howling here and there—its main source unknown.

No one knows.

It’s one of those questions you really have no genuine answers but somehow it’s okay not to know. The idea of them not stopping or stopping is exciting and tragic at the same time. Maybe that’s okay for us not to know what will we become ten or twenty years from now. Maybe we all need a little tragedy in our life sometimes to feel excitement on the idea of surviving the worst chapters of the story in our life.

After all, you can always turn the next page and simply, live.

Live like it’s the last day of your existence.

Live like your ten or twenty years from now has just started.

Live like you have more than ten or twenty years.

Live like you were built to be invincible.

Live like you can conquer the world.

Live like you are the world.

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